Cultural Program Registration


Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to change, cancel, and revise any exhibit space configuration, paid or unpaid registration at any point of time with or without prior information. AIHR Reserves the right to cancel or change date of the event, INDIA FEST.AIHR is not liable for any loss of personnel, services and products incurred by the exhibit business occurred because of any unexpected or emergency situation. AIHR has the right to shutdown INDIA FEST event before 7 PM Eastern on the day of the event.

List of Reserved Songs

Name Song Date


  1. Enrolment of Cultural Performances is free and open to All Community Members with no fee or charge of any kind.
  2. Song enrolment and reservation will be based strictly on "First come First Serve" basis. Song once enrolled is 'reserved' and can be repeated only one more time if it is part of a fusion. The purpose is to provide variety in the program and avoid duplication of songs/performances on the day of the event.
  3. Before enrolling the song of your choice, you must review the songs on the website already enrolled by other participants. If a song of your choice is already enrolled twice, please plan for an alternate song. DO NOT pick songs that are already 'enrolled'.
  4. Allowed duration of the performance is maximum 4 minutes for kids under the age of 8 years, and maximum 7 minutes for ages 8 years and above.
  5. Minimum age of performer should be 4 years, kids under 4 years could be part of the Children Parade.
  6. Each person and/or group of age 10 years and above is limited to three performances only. Participants under 10 years of age are limited to two performance.
  7. Each performance should have minimum 2 performers.
  8. Performance by participants during "Rhythm of India" segment will be counted as 'one' performance only by each performer.
  9. Only professional performers and/or choreographers will be allowed to perform solo act.
  10. India Fest Organization Committee reserves the right to cancel the performance if the group does not show-up for the final rehearsal scheduled prior to the event.
  11. India Fest Organization Committee reserves the right to add, change, remove or modify rules at any time to manage certain circumstances. The decision of Chair Person, Cultural Committee will be final and acceptable to participants.
  12. The objective of the India Fest is to provide a grand platform to performers to showcase their talent. Enrolment and participation in India Fest is absolutely voluntary with the implied consent by performers and their parents/legal guardians to accept and agree all Participation Rules and Terms & Conditions .
  13. For any questions please contact -
    Dr. Vandana Dhawan at
    Dr. Bindiya Magoon at