Talent Show

AIHR introduces “Kids Talent Show” to recognize the talent of young generation of Hampton Roads by giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent in 3 categories (Dance, Singing and Instruments). Ages from 7-16 years

Venue: Hindu temple of Hampton Road, 217 Sampson Creek Rd, Chesapeake, VA 23322 

Date & Time: November 6th, 2016 between 9:30 am to 11:00 am

Award – India Fest on 11/12/16 at 2:30 PM on Main Stage



Entries will be accepted in 3 following categories:  vocal, dance and instrumental.

Entry registration required before October 30th 2016.   A contestant may only submit one application and can only appear in one act.

Max entries 15 in each age group. Entries will be on a First come First Serve basis. We will close entries as soon as we receive 45 entries.

  • Age group 7-9 (5 entries for each category, total 15 entries)
  • Age group 10-13 (5 entries for each category, total 15 entries)
  • Age group 14-16 (5 entries for each category, total 15 entries)

 The top winners will showcase on the stage at India Fest, November 12th

The performance may not exceed TWO minutes in length, with one minute allowed for set-up, if any.  Contestants exceeding the time limit will be disqualified.

Vocalists may use recorded accompaniment tracts with vocal background, but there shall be no lead vocal on the tract.  For recorded accompaniment, a CD with only one tract is recommended.  Acts should bring a second CD as backup in case of malfunctions.  Because of the quality deviations in CD recorders, not all self-made CDs are readable on all machines.

 Contestants may perform only one number.  Selection must be appropriate for family audience and may not include profanity or lewdness.  Acts may not use fire, pyrotechnics, liquids, confetti, guns, sharp instruments such as knives or machetes, or any other substance or object that may prove hazardous or inappropriate.  

After receiving all the entries, the committee will select applicants to perform in group of category.   And assign the time slot

  • Singing
  • Instrument
  • Dance

Each contestant must be available to perform in their given time.  Should an act fail to perform in a particular time given, that act forfeits the right to Perform.  Substitutions will not be allowed.  The vacated time slot will be assigned to the first available talent on the alternate list as established by the Talent Show Committee.

Your entry is officially the first round of the Talent Show contest.  All contestants must perform the same act or musical selection exactly during FIRST ROUND and FINAL day of the event.

The Talent Show Committee shall have sole authority in selecting acts in the competition, scheduling of those selected and control over stage sets, sound, lights, power and overall (master) volume.

All act equipment is the sole responsibility of the act.  The Talent Show Committee assumes no liability for said equipment or responsibility for procurement if same. 

The house sound system will be provided by AIHR and will be scaled to the venue used and reasonable requirements of the contestants.  The Talent Show Stage will have absolute control over the sound system by AIHR Talent team.

All judges’ decisions are final and scores will not be released to contestants

For more information please contact -

Kavitha Sri Hathwar/ Sanjeev Sagar/Jigisha Reddy / Vishal Talla/SriNeel Kaloji/ Lyla Chandiramani
Talent Promotion Team, INDIA FEST
Email: aihrva2@gmail.com

Disclaimer: AIHR reserves the right to make any changes to a contest or cancel a contest. AIHR reserves the right to cancel India Fest or change the date or any format or item of the INDIA FEST event.